We thought it would be a coffeeshop album
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This combines far too many of my favorite things.
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Levi Johnston's Blues: Wish the whole song was the bridge. That's some classic angry Ben dialogue there (even if it is actually from Levi Johnston's MySpace, as suggested by a YT commenter, but it's hard to believe a YT comment.)
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Don't anthropomorphize MeFi. It hates it when you do that.
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o/~ and I'm going to seeee them next month... o/~

Haters, form a line!
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*queues up*

A few months back I was listening to the radio and I heard Regina Spektor singing and had that "Oooh, new Regina Spektor!" sensation but rapidly became aware that there was something about the music that bothered me. "No no no, Ben Folds has touched this, hasn't he?" And then he comes in on the track, ugh.

He's taken Ladytron's "Destroy Everything You Touch" as advice, but in Hornsby's case, he's probably just blowing schmaltz-in-a-can over rubble.

Some things will never change.
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Maybe we owe the unlucky ones.
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Hornsby and Folds! A keyboard Dream Team! Woo!

Ummm, adipocere, I think you've added an unnecessary 'S' to Hornby, as you've confused the keyboard player from the US with the writer from the UK.

That's just the way it is...
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It'll be so kewl cuz they can gaze deep, deep into each other's navels.
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I liked them before they did the thing and your favorite band sucks.
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Hey, nobody consulted ME about Ben Folds.
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I thought we agreed Lady Gaga was our only favorite?
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maryr - ben folds has said it was from levi johnston's myspace after perez hilton complimented him on the lyrics. (why do i know that?)
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The liner notes for the album erroneously attribute the Levi Johnston quotes from his Facebook page. Oops.

Also on the subject: I bought the deluxe edition, which contains a bound volume of four Hornby short stories and photographs by Joel Meyerowitz. In a separate envelope inside the box was a sheet of card-stock music notation paper that features the first few bars of "Picture Window" scrawled in black permanent marker. I'm trying to find out if that was done by hand, or if it was an autopen. Does anyone know?
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