Poems that earth writes upon the sky
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My friend, the dead tree. For five years, Kevin Day has been photographing a single dead tree at Langley Country Park in Berkshire. He talks a little about the process at theMET.
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Nice. A whole photography textbook could be written around this series.
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That's just a million shades of awesome. Or maybe 142. Either way, the concept is as beautiful as the photos. Thanks!
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One might expect a dead tree to be very solemn and spiritless, but this particular dead tree really has a way of looking like it's reaching out and breathing and feeling.
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As I wind down the pines
it’s the lines on your face
playing on your face

Without thinking so much
as abandoning thought
I went through open country
over water meadows streams
lakes and wires and roosts in reeds
to a nest in the hole of
this dead

To play without stopping or pause
not for silence not for applause
not without thinking
and thinking’s abandoning thought

As I wind down the pines
it’s the lines on your face
playing on your face

As I Wind down the Pines

~The Tragically Hip
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