Oh the Places You'll Go!
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Now I can add Peak Phosphorus to the things I worry about well before everyone else... oh boy!
posted by MikeWarot at 8:01 AM on September 29, 2010

Pepsi Brown?

This seems a little thin for an FPP.
posted by Happy Dave at 8:15 AM on September 29, 2010

Hope the article is more accurate than the address
"where: Peter Scott Main Gym at PSU 724 SW Harrison and SW Park Ave."

Should be Peter Stott...
posted by Cranberry at 10:16 AM on September 29, 2010

It may be a little thin but it lead me to the page for the Garden Pool project. Very cool!
posted by Hairy Lobster at 11:08 AM on September 29, 2010

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