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ArtPrize is an open art contest based in Grand Rapids, MI. It is the largest art contest in the world. Last year's winner Ran Ortner went from not being able to pay his phone bill to receiving a $250,000 prize. Researchers are looking into the local economic impact. So far, 34,000 people have registered to vote.
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Hooray it's art day!

I like this one, it looks like a Chaykin drawing from Stars My Destination.
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more De Vos gifts
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and of course, this.

But ArtPrize is a good thing.
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Those water paintings are the best thing I've seen in a while. Thanks.
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A friend of mine lives in Grand Rapids and posted some pictures from ArtPrize on Facebook - and I fell in love with the horses made from spatulas.
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Thanks for posting this morganannie. We went up to GR last weekend to view another soon-to-be GR art happening, and spent a few hours slogging through the crowds & having an overall good time at ArtPrize. I kept thinking about making an FPP, but I just couldn't square the overall vibe (positive) with the democratization of art jury that is the ArtPrize. I honestly have not read up on a lot of it, so ultimately, I just hoped someone else would post.

I am one of the 34000 registered to vote.
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Ran Ortner lucked out considering his art was a $250,000 phone bill.
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Wow, so much cool work! Thanks, morganannie!
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Also I think the obese furniture is hilarious and excellent.
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Also I think the obese furniture is hilarious and excellent.

Awesome. I haven't seen those yet. Looks like Jabba the Hut!
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I really like “A Matter of Time.”

The accompanying story is also interesting, and brings his art to life (for me):

"Explores man's relationship to the earth. Think of this sculpture as a clock. At the 12:00 hour is bird life, representing the sky. At 3:00 and 9:00 are mammals, representing the land. Working downwards toward the 6:00 hour, through reptiles, amphibians, fish and crustaceans we arrive at the sea turtle that represents the oceans. Man's position is the timepiece, holding the fate of the planet in his hand.”
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Those water paintings are fantastic.
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It's pretty cool stuff, especially for the west side of the state. My ma, dad and I are all doing stuff for another art thing in GR pretty soon (end of Oct.) so it's cool to think of GR as being an art destination.
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To me, the best part is watching art of all flavors spring from the ground over the course of 2 weeks. Downtown GR has transformed from pleasant to bustling and visually arresting. Too cool. Top ten are announced tonight!

(For whatever reason, I really like "Uprising of Sausages and Hot Dogs." It's not my favorite, but it's fantastically bizarre.)
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Last year, my friend's older brother brought his Big Red Ball to Grand Rapids. It didn't win, or even make the Top 10, but it apparently made some impact on the city. One of the comments that Kurt and his brother heard was that ArtPrize brought as many people downtown as when Gerald Ford was running for President in 1976--apocryphal, yeah, but somewhat telling about the positive effect this contest is having on Grand Rapids.
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Cavalry wins 1st place.
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Mom, dad and I all just had our Site Lab proposals accepted.
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shouldn't that go in projects. klangston? Just sayin'

Oh and Corey Gearhardt & Timothy Wells also had projects accepted at site:lab from among the Arborites.
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