Do-it-yourself-brain surgery game.
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Deep brain stimulation. Not just for highly trained neurosurgeons anymore. Try it yourself! Game and photos (“very graphic!”) (via MindHacks.)
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"Ellen" does not look like she's 5'8" and 120 lbs. They could have made that a liiiiitle bit more accurate, considering it's an anatomy/medical game.

I met a guy about 10 years ago who had one of the implants to control his Parkinson's. He had a remote control to turn it on and off. It was amazing. He couldn't hold a cup of coffee without spilling or draw a circle or a straight line on paper, then he switched it on, and all of his tremors went away. It was amazing. If it was that good 10 years ago, I can't even imagine how awesome it is now.
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I added this link to my trepanning folder. Thanks.
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This is one of my favorite games in the genre.
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Woot, Ohio State!
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Don't touch the sides! [BZZZZZZZT]
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I now feel fully confident that I could perform brain surgery while drinking.
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I really enjoyed this website! Thanks for posting the link Faze. Went through a small brain surgery in 2006, just this time of year. In a way using the website, going through the steps, helped me feel less fear in retrospect.

A dear friend is having knee replacement surgery the day after tomorrow. Will go through the website surgery steps for that too because I want to know what the surgery is like and also to feel less afraid of it.

It's a nicely done site. Amazing the things one learns on the blue.
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