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So to reach Nirvana, you have to become a rock star, get blown by a bunch of prostitutes, and then OD on heroin?

My kind of religion.
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I'm impressed by the complete lack of videogame references, honestly. I left the commentary on because he said he'd tell me about them all, and there really weren't any. The Paperboy one was just a kid delivering papers; it bore no resemblance to the game at all.

There were an awful lot of 8-bit dudes who vaguely resemble comedians, though.
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I linked to this in a comment last week. If you missed it, that's also an interesting, tangentially related thread.

Lasse Gjertsen has made some other great videos, as well. I recommend Roshambo (possibly NSFW for cartoon nudity) and Amateur especially.
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God my attention span sucks.
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Moral of the story: Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll lead to Heaven. I am ok with that.
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Yet another reason to adore Youtube. Thanks!
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When you die, you have to star in the movie Lawnmower Man.
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I could swear I saw an almost identical movie recently. Also an 8-bit version of "life" except more of a platforming adventure game, but featuring the same dreary take on relationships (guy marries a woman, represented as a drain on his $$$ score until she leaves him for another man). It also had the "play again and this time don't let a woman drag you down" theme.

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If you live two blocks from work, walk or bike there. I mean, you only *work* at a bike store, you know. Your stamina will increase and you may get an extra heart from it, and you'll be able to beat up that dude.
Also, if you're a rock star, nix the H - Iggy got lucky, you, maybe not so much.
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You're right - that did rock.
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Psilocybin reference at 2:18. That's gonna earn him a big black sticker from the PMRC.
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let's not forget hyperactive.
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Dan the Man is the video I was thinking of, (discussed previously on the blue), which is much more charming and entertaining than Consoul and at least mitigates the misogyny by making the treacherous wife specifically a whinny princess rather than a generic woman.
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On my first viewing, without the comments/references, I totally thought he was hailing the cab to hightail it out of there once he saw she was pregnant.

How different his life would have been, eh?
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