Feeling a little...claustrophobic?
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"Elevated" (part 1, 2), a short film about three people trapped in an elevator, by Vincenzo Natali, director of Cube and Splice. With bonus Spanish subtitles.
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Is one of them the devil?
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I saw Devil. Not terrible, but not great. Too plot driven, in a Lost sort of way.
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Brilliant little short by Natali. You can see all the themes evident in his small, but very unique, body of work at play here. David Hewitt never disappoints. And dare I say that there was really nothing like his latest, SPLICE, in the theaters this year (Gaspar NoƩ ENTER THE VOID comes close)....a cracker of a film with a very complex undercurrent of ideas...a bit of the Electra complex, a dash of Cronenberg...merging into something was equally repellent, hilarious, and radical in its exploration of sexuality, biology, and human nature. Very excited to see how he handles Neuromancer.
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I laughed so much at Splice. SPOILER: I realised right away that the movie made fun of the ridiculousness of post-yuppie parents. The couple (but more the woman) spontaneously decide to risk having a baby, but everything goes wrong. They're stuck with a half-girl, half-chicken monstrosity, who has a poisonous stinger in her tail. Despite being the world's worst kid - killing her pet cat, seducing the father, and so on - the couple just adores her. Then the half-girl, half-chicken goes berserk, changes into a half-man, half-rooster, kills the father and viciously rapes the mother. Ultimately, the mother's solution for happiness, seemingly without regret, is to have yet another baby.

And not just that, but the baby produced via her rape by the half-man, half-rooster! Hurray. It was the best parable of the insanity of (some forms of) modern parenting I've ever seen, and I heartily awat his next film.
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A little underimpressed with the HTML5 viewer under Chrome should anyone care. Really impacted the enjoyment level for me.
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