Brains for the Baby Jesus
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From 2005, a short film version of Rogue Farm by Metafilter's Own Charlie Stross. Not had your fill of biotech horror in the Highlands? Listen to an ensemble cast perform the whole thing at Balticon, or indeed, read the original story.
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Metafilter: a nine-legged semi-automatic groove machine
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I think I sort of liked the ending of the actual story better, even if this was beautiful animation and I know cutting it short made sense given the medium.
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Featuring a fine soundtrack by the dearly departed Arab Strap! Thanks for posting this.
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Exploding trees in fiction
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Boy this theater's practically empty - looks like everyone is one screen up.
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I enjoyed the heck out of both the story and the animation. Good stuff.
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... and one deleted thread later, my joke now makes no sense at all.
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