Speaking of childhood stars,
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Speaking of childhood stars, did you know the death of Dana Plato involved lesbianism, satanism, aliens, and heavy drug use? Ok, maybe not the 'alien' thing, but we won't know until someone actually ORDERS the book. (btw, you can find this site atthis url as well.)
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'this book's the reason the police might re-open the investigation in to the mysterious death of Dana Plato!!! This book has ALL of the answers!!! '

Case opened> Book read> Case closed. How convenient.

Oh yeah.. forgive my obliviousness to the world around me.. but who the hell is Dana Plato?. Sounds like a piece of Italian crockery.
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Dana Plato played the white daughter of Mr. Drummond on Dif'rent Strokes, the charming story of two inner-city black youths who are adopted by a plucky white well-to-do.

Hijinks ensue!
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ahhhhh. KIMBERLY!!. oops.
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This is reminding me of something I read a long time ago about the people behind the site and "Mike Hunt Publishing." Here's a Salon article, but for the life of me, I can't remember what it was I read. It was something that definitely struck a nerve with me, but I cannot come to terms with it. For some reason, I'm thinking it was something like Dana Plato pissed some guy off, and so he decided to write a book about her out of spite - the one being discussed here.

Maybe I was just repulsed by evilnow, itself. I dunno. My post contributes nothing - I apologize. Carry on.
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Well, call me Dibble but there's 1461 suspects here for a start. With confessions. Now all we need to do is find the other 1460 Dana Plato's, match the right killer to each, and the case is closed.
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Ha.. yeah, gotta admire them sales skills.

Oh yeah - Make that 1462. 'She doesnt pay me for the crack so i have Enricho, my thoughful assistant, deal with her in the only way he knows how. "You a craved it, Kino gave it" he says, slowly putting on his glove, "now i a must a see to it that you a crave no a morah" ^__^
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I actually know this guy, and the basis of the book, at least, is true. A good amount of the book is most likely BS, but the guy who published it really was on the phone with her and her boyfriend as she died.

That's not to say I think he should profit from that "lucky coincidence," but hey, it's a free country.

The National Enquirer was bidding a million dollars for the tape of her death rattle, by the way. (Yes, this guy was not only on the phone, but he taped the call!) They eventually backed out.
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