A collection of band flyers
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"...it's probably extra easy to trace my life & interests through these galleries. They start out in Kansas (most of the early non-Lawrence/ KC ones were sent to me either by people ordering copies of my zine or by a few pals of mine who had run away to CA), and as I move around in life the bands & venues change accordingly: Kansas, Ohio, Washington DC, Kansas again, Arizona."
The Jason Willis Flyer Collection, 1981-2006
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That's an amazing collection (the REM flyer from 1981 is a GEM). Takes me back to the days when the music really meant something, and it was all like, political and stuff
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Wow. How random... I knew Jason Willis back in the day, when I lived in Tucson. Super cool guy. The Weird Lovemakers are still one of my favorite bands of all time...
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that was a trip down Lawrence, KS, memory lane. thanks.
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We just had the Foolkiller (immortal venue of many KC shows back in the 80s) reunion on Saturday night. I didn't know Jason, but I had the name of the Micronotz scribbled on the cover of more than one Trapper Keeper.

Wow, I'm old.
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