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Andre Geim has earned many awards from his peers for groundbreaking research in physics, but he's arguably only won the attention of the general public a couple times: First for levitating a frog, and then for discovering 2D atomic crystals. For these efforts he has become the first person to be a laureate of both the Ig Nobel Prize and Nobel Prize.
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Congrats to him! That is an awesome place to be, I thin. One the one hand your research is just so far out that people think you are mad, on the other, you are earning the respect and admiration of others.
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He's the Sandra Bullock of science.
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Dude looks exactly like Chevy Chase.
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Nice post title.
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From the APS link:
Geim has a knack for quirky yet significant research subjects. He made headlines in 1997 when he used a magnetic field to levitate a frog, garnering him an Ig Nobel Prize in 2000. He once co-authored a paper with his favorite hamster, “Detection of earth rotation with a diamagnetically levitating gyroscope,” insisting that “H. A. M. S. ter Tisha” contributed to the levitation experiment “most directly.” (According to Wikipedia the hamster later applied for a PhD at the University of Nijmegen.)
But did the hamster get the degree? Come on!
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Here's the paper kenko found:

Detection of earth rotation with a diamagnetically levitating gyroscope
A. K. Geim and H. A. M. S. ter Tisha
Physica B: Condensed Matter
Volumes 294-295, January 2001, Pages 736-739.
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I lament this day, as the spotlight has moved from the venerable tube to the prosaic plate.
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The spotlight never leaves my venerable tube.
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The Nobel is well-deserved, that levitating frog is remarkable, but I don't get what's so funny about 2D crystals.
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Dude got a Nobel Prize for playing with Scotch tape and a pencil. Damn.
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Dude figured out how magnets fucking work!
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Oh look, the Nobel Prize has updated their website. Now it's completely awful.
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