A bit of the world, seen through x-ray specs
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X-Ray art is the use of radiography to take a different look at flowers, foliage and faux landscapes, sea shells and sea life (one of a number of flash galleries), and a weird look at the world. But these folks are all millennia behind some artists from Australia, Siberia, and elsewhere.

Some of the above-linked sites were covered back in 2003, as was Nick Veasey in 2008, who had a TED talk earlier this year.

If you checked out the Wikipedia page on radiography and thought "an X-ray from the Vietnam war shows an unexploded grenade embedded in a patient's skull - what's the story behind that?" - well, there's not much more known. The picture is from Flickr, part of the collection posted by the staff of the Otis Historical Archives, a collection in the US National Museum of Health and Medicine.

And for good measure, here is a bit of noise from X-Ray Spex.
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Oooh, the swimming seahorses are freaky looking!

Related awesomeness.
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My briefcase gets x-rayed every morning when I go through security, and I get to see a nice x-ray image of my lunch.

I wonder what sort of health effects that has...
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Not much, ask your workplace to switch to neutron radiography if you hope to someday bite into a radioactive sandwich and transform into SandwichMan.
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And if you want to make your own, some of the artists will tell you how.
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If I may attempt to make sense of tustinrick's words: tustinrick has two brothers, both of whom are important enough to be listed in Wikipedia, though tustinrick is not. The reason this was brought up was because the radiography link is to Wikipedia, not because of any relation to radiography.
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They were made famous by smuggling unexploded ordnance in their brains T or F
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Mind blowing!
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