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Oh shoot, I just got to work. I really enjoy El Guincho- I'm looking forward to checking this out later.
posted by Dr-Baa at 5:02 AM on October 7, 2010

It was ok, kind of pretty, but I liked some of the other videos by the same person better, like this one.
posted by Forktine at 5:02 AM on October 7, 2010

Are these lyrics correct? There are an awful lot of sites lying to google about hosting the lyrics.
posted by jeffburdges at 5:06 AM on October 7, 2010

I'm all for videos that defy easy explanation, images that dissociate, momentarily from the expected.
Catchy tune as well. When I first heard it I thought, hey, this is what that Vampire Weekend band wants to sound like!
posted by From Bklyn at 5:18 AM on October 7, 2010

Wait, I didn't mean for that to sound so exceptionally obnoxious. Obnoxious, but not exceptionally.
posted by From Bklyn at 5:23 AM on October 7, 2010

If anything could have made me like Cosmos more as a kid, it definitely would have been boobs.
posted by Horace Rumpole at 5:40 AM on October 7, 2010

El Guincho is awesome. he made his first album with a mic and a Roland SP-404.
posted by Mach5 at 7:46 AM on October 7, 2010

Anybody know how to do the flaming rock trick from 2:58-3:04? That was pretty cool.
posted by The Winsome Parker Lewis at 7:58 AM on October 7, 2010

That was excellent. Good mention of the spaceboobs tag.
posted by bodywithoutorgans at 10:48 AM on October 7, 2010

How bizarrely awesome.
posted by Wanderlust88 at 12:09 PM on October 7, 2010

I saw a link to this video on my Twitter feed and that was the first thing I thought of too. I pretend I do an awesome Carl Sagan impersonation of him saying "The Cosmos", but I know I'm lying to myself. Love me some El-Guincho! Que Sexi, too.
posted by haunted by Leonard Cohen at 6:28 PM on October 7, 2010

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