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As part of National Geographic's Enduring Voices project, Gregory Anderson, K. David Harrison and Ganesh Murmu travelled to Arunachal Pradesh to document the Aka and Miji languages - and in the process, they found a previously undocumented language, Koro (not to be confused with Koro, Koro or Koro). The NG site has a video and gallery; you might also be interested in this interview given by Harrison to NPR, which includes a small audio selection of Koro words and phrases.
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I saw this in the paper today, but I never saw this story about 30 new languages being found in China last year. As the researcher who pointed us to his article from the NPR comments says, it's all about who you know...
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As a linguist, one sometimes wonders if endangered languages are better of remaining undiscovered. But great photos, fascinating story, and thanks for the post.
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Not Koro, either.
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What fourcheesemac said. Nice post!
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Oh. I thought this was a post about Koro.
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