The bizarre, sad tale of Togo's fake national team
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Since the attack on the Togolese national team in Angola (previously), soccer in Togo has descended into a freefall. In a strange turn of events, a fake national team recently represented the country in a tournament in Bahrain. The soccer loving people of Togo were outraged when the truth about the situation came out.
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I don't care about soccer at all; why did you post such a fascinating article about it?
(This was really interesting, even to me. Thanks.)
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there goes my plan to single-handedly represent the faroe islands in the 2014 world cup
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Somewhat related: "Soccer Slums" and "The scandal of Africa's trafficked players":
"They come to Europe to play for AC Milan or Paris St-Germain, but the reality for many talented young African footballers, children not much older than nine, is that they will find themselves selling fake handbags on the streets. (...) The desire among young Africans to become professional footballers is evident in the number of children who recently attended continent-wide trials for the Aspire sports academy in Qatar. Fighting for around 23 places on Aspire's coveted football programme, approximately 750,000 children, from Ghana to Kenya and Nigeria to South Africa, went to trials."
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