The Multifunction In-Dorm Automation System
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The MIDAS - multifunction in-dorm automation system - offers a complete, torturously elaborate system for controlling every aspect of dormitory life. Note especially the emergency party mode button, and Seagalvision, the spy camera in a can of Seagal-branded energy drink.
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I thought I saw this before, it was linked in this comment back in 2008. Still neat, but I doubt the kid still is in the same dorm by now.
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It's good to see Mini-ITX being put to good use. I built one in a cookie tin four years ago, and it runs as a common internet and music machine to this day. It kinda sucks a video (VIA chipsets never had good linux drivers), but it's a solid machine. It got to four months of uptime at one point, pretty good for a system running as a desktop...
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Is it OK that I think the most exciting piece of the Party Mode equipment is the oscilloscope?
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Why implement a mode that you will never, ever use?
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Somehow I imagine that were the party button pushed, it would be a party like Al Gore's party when Lisa bought his book. A single record comes out, is placed on the turntable, and everyone sits still and listens carefully.
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I'm reading it in Peter Sellers' Dr Strangelove voice.
The third button initiates a relax mode which turns off all the lights except the ambient colored lights which give the room a peaceful feeling. In addition, the blinds are shut and relaxing rhythms play from the speakers. A "romance" mode is in the making.
Of course, Mister President, an enormous network of computers, with a system of tape memory banks, will select amongst guests to ensure that only those potential partners are chosen whose—ah—sexual characteristics are of a highly stimulating nature. Ziss is simple to understand?
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Nothing in an MIT dorm room is truly permanent. But sometimes it captures the interest of the Wall Street Journal. MIDAS was made by the same dudes whose security talk on the MBTA's ticket system got canceled by court order.

Down the hall is the lounge containing the Emergency Pizza Button. That was itself preceded by the undocumented-by-the-press-at-the-time Movie Mode button, which when pressed would close the doors to the lounge and turn off the nearby overhead lights.

The lounge is also home to one of the world's oldest webcams, and down the hall is one of the world's most misleadingly-salaciously-named webcams.

Also worth noting that this is the home of the Time Traveler Convention (official site).
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Why implement a mode that you will never, ever use?

Sounds like someone has failed to

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Black lights over dorm room beds probably leads to some embarrassing forensic discoveries.
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I could pretty much reach everything in my minuscule dorm without having to get up.
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LCD Monitor w/ Auto Winamp Visualation

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A "romance" mode is in the making.

But somehow, I doubt it will ever come to fruition. Unnecessity is the mother of inertia, or something like..
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Well, I didn't go to MIT. But I do recall at my U our "party mode" typically involved leaving the dorm room.
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