He wore his fluffy white coat again. I think he looks nice in it.
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"Kavus has got into an irritating habit of holding up his middle finger at you when you speak to him." In 2005, the Alphabet Business Concern announced that Cardiacs, its cult-favorite prog-punk outfit, would maintain an online diary chronicling the band's daily goings-on. The result is a surreal, hilarous interplay between the band's personalities — childish, whiny Tim Smith, pandering narcissist Kavus Torabi, contemplative Jim Smith, and the seemingly perpetually drunk Bob "Babba" Leith.

If you're looking for more Cardiacs prose, they have additional story offerings on their web site. Or perhaps you just want the many clown music videos.
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Yay Cardiacs!!!
Your Loyalty Demands links to my earlier post...
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I know absolutely nothing about this band, but can't resist this: would I be correct in guessing, based solely on your capsule descriptions of their personalities, that Tim is lead guitar, Kavus the singer / songwriter, Jim plays bass and Bob the drums?
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Close - you've got Tim and Kavus mixed up. Tim Smith is the genius of Cardiacs.

I was saddened to hear in an interview with Kavus that though Tim's improving slowly after his stroke, Cardiacs will never play live again.

The scenes described in the diaries would looks something like this.
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Drat, I always get my narcissists and my childish whiners confused. (Perpetually drunk drummer was kind of a gimmee, though.)
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Cardiacs are so goddamn amazing. I had kind of given up on finding music that great that I hadn't heard before.
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Ever since this comment, I've been a HUGE Cardiacs fan. God I love this band. In every way.
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I warms the cockles of my heart to hear of new swimmers in the snowy pond. You are all worthy of laudation.
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