Making the impossible possible
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Chances are you've seen videos here in the blue of Norwegian Eskil Ronningsbakken performing acts of extreme balance. As a follow up, I offer numerous additional stills of Eskil in his quest to create art from balance. His official web site has more images, and he also has a Facebook page, from which I took this quote: "The vulnerable human being balancing between life and death is something I, among many others, consider art. The most important message that I signal with my actions is that ANYTHING is possible!"

From the Global Balancing "About" page:

"The art which we create, whether on stage, in front of the cameras, or in nature, is a direct result of numerous amazing, inspiring, dreadful and difficult experiences. I aim, with my buddies around the world, never to be the same today as we were yesterday; continue to develop wherever the journey may lead us."
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I note, with interest, Ronningsbakken is only 30 years old. He is undoubtedly skilful. In terms of his longer term career, the question is whether he is also lucky.
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It's one way to make a living.
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I'll be honest, given his other balance acts, I'm not all that impressed that he was able to balance on three chairs on top of a wedged boulder suspended in a crevasse of a cliff.

I'm impressed he could get down from it.
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Some see an artist. Some see an athlete. I see a nut job.
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This art certainly makes me feel something.
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Why the hate? I mean, I don't want to do this, and it gives me a sort of vicarious horror to look at the pictures, but I am sort of glad that he is doing it. They are pretty pictures, after all.
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Why the hate?

Those pictures are so terrifying my nuts hurt.
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He's also considered the godfather of x-treme pornography.
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