Guess the Poll, Win $5000.00 FJ

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Guess the Poll, Win $5000.00 FJ (with the Fiji Post) is hosting a contest to guess who will be the next prime minister. Voting for parlimentary elections began on Saturday in Fiji, with few observed problems. Charges of intimidation, illegality, et cetera fly back and forth. Someone circulated some pamphlets that said paraphrasedly "a vote for Chaudry is a vote for bloodshed." Mahendra Chaudry was the Labor prime minister deposed while being held hostage in May last year. Several of those involved in that abortive, yet destructive coup are also running under their own banners. They seem to have split the ethnic Fijian vote (approx 51% of the population) more than anything.
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$5000 FJ = about $5.00 USD....on a good day.
posted by soynuts at 10:47 PM on August 27, 2001

US$2500 actually my friend.

The Fijians have no choice. Either they do things democratically or they're an international pariah, their economy will go down the toilet and then their currency will end up being worthless someday. The ethnic Fijians with any education or sense know it.
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