The Gulf Between Us
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The Gulf Between Us. Stories of terror and beauty from the world's largest accidental offshore oil disaster. Six months on, Terry Tempest Williams gives us a trenchant report on the BP spill, for Orion magazine.
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Not sure why no one's commented on this yet . . maybe too overwhelming and nothing much can be said? I read the whole thing and it's shattering, very hard to read but I'm glad I did.
posted by chaff at 10:47 AM on October 19, 2010

Powerful stuff. I was just looking for some stories from the Gulf these days. Thanks!
posted by mrgrimm at 11:27 AM on October 19, 2010

So upsetting.
posted by Lizc at 1:09 PM on October 19, 2010

I love Terry Tempest Williams' writing, and would not otherwise have seen this. Thank you for posting it.
posted by charmedimsure at 10:16 PM on October 19, 2010

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