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Badass Digest is a new blog from Austin's decidedly badass Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas and Devin Faraci, formerly of

Joe Beese will certainly approve of the first inductee to the Badass Hall of Fame.
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Cool! It's good to see Faraci writing somewhere.
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I would like to take this opportunity to say that I unapologetically love the assorted Alamo Drafthouses and have only cheated on them once in the last two plus years I've lived in Austin. And it's not like I don't see movies; I've probably averaged two shows a month in that time frame. People say "Oh hey you should try this theater it's really great!" and I respond "I don't go to theaters that aren't the Alamo."
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malthas, on occasion, my wife & I will go to a non-Drafthouse theater just to remind ourselves why we don't go anywhere else.
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I usually go to the Alamo. Sometimes, for variety, I'll go to a different Alamo.
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When I moved to Austin in 1999, I used to go to the first Alamo on Colorado St. (it's since moved to the Ritz space on 6th St.) after work every day, like a starving latchkey kid addicted to golden age cinema, Buttnumbathons, Quentin showcases, and pretty good food. Seeing the Leagues grow their business from that to what is now one of the most important brands in Austin has been nothing short of inspiring. When I get all old and shit and brood over my 20s, I'm pretty sure memories of the Alamo are going to make me cry.
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(incidentally, I moved to Seattle for three years in 2006. One of the major reasons I moved back to Austin was because of the Alamo. I'm dead fucking serious.)
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The Alamo is pretty much the thing I miss most about Austin. It is unbelievably Awesome.
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I hear so much about the Alamo from my fellow film dorks on the internet, that I am insanely jealous of anyone who lives near one. I wish they would open one in the Bay Area.
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Nthing the Alamo love. It's ruined me for movies anywhere else (unless they're silent flicks with live music at the Paramount).
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