Why don't people have mustaches like that these days?
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A great slideshow of the nyc subway system 1910-present.

This year marks the 106th anniversary of the NYC subway system, one of only four train systems in the world to run 24 hours a day. It's been through a lot in its 106 years. Stations and lines have been opened and shut down. There was an unofficial font declared (sort of). The 2nd avenue extension has been started, stopped, started, stopped, and started again. The only real question left is if the buildersy in 1904 could've be predicted that this would eventually happen on the subway
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That was rad. So many of the 2000s photos were from 2010 though, which was unfortunate. I'd rather see more early-mid 2000s stuff, though.

All that graffiti from the late 70s through the 80s must have been cool. It'd at least give you stuff to stare at—besides ads and strangers—when you're bored.
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stray 'though' in that third sentence, oops

The early-mid 2000s period would be more interesting to me because I didn't live here then. Some times I kind of wonder what the "hip" fashions here were in say, 1997 or 2002 — I wish there was a catalog of NYC citizen's fashion or something. I mean, I was visiting the city with some frequency then, but I swear you wind up paying attention to and absorbing that stuff so much more when you live here.
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The late '60s through early '80s photos combined with my "all witch house" playlist have me considering walking to work tomorrow.
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All that graffiti from the late 70s through the 80s must have been cool.

The graffiti was such a strong symbol of NYC's decline and the police's impotence back then that they had to clean them up to show the world that the city was coming back.
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I find the early 1900s VERY interesting. Thanks for sharing!
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