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Spike Magazine offers up a splendid enchanting 598 page behometh anthology of interviews, features and book reviews taken from the last 15 years of this wonderfully eclectic magazine (Direct PDF / Zip) . Nicely formatted and with enough content to keep even the most avid britlit fan happy. Highlights include interviews with (among many others) Will Self (p451,460,464,467) , JG Ballard (p27,32,35, 39), Iain Banks (p54), Nick Hornby(p276). Enjoy.
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So glad this isn't SpikeTV's foray into publishing.
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Stephen Mitchelmore, who contributed a number of the articles in the PDF, reflects on Spike and his literary blogging experiences over the past 14 years.
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Thanks Numberstation for posting that - much appreciated. (I'm Chris, the guy who put the PDF together and looks after SpikeMagazine.com). Hope people enjoy it, and comments always welcome.

Anyone with a Kindle or an iPad - it would be great to know if the PDF works ok / sucks on either device. I don't have either.
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Thanks for sharing.
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