The stars my destination
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The Zensunni Wandering, among other Dune maps. The universe of Farscape. The Foundation universe, in Thai. All courtesy of the Stars in Science Fiction section of Winchell Chung's comprehensive 3-D Starmaps site.

It looks like the site has been linked before (1 2 3), but it's been a few years and I just ran across it today and thought it was share-worthy. Hope it's ok.
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Foundation map gives a "403 Forbidden". Which is all the more alluring.
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Crap. Try clicking the link from the maps page? Probably hot-link protection.
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Yes, it is hot-link protection, sorry. Try clicking on the link from the maps. page.
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No need to apologize! I should have checked it myself with a cleared cache. (Opera caches aggressively.)

And thank you for making an awesome site.
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Note that the Foundation map is in Thai. Which is somehow even more wonderful.
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PS: thank you!
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Papyrus makes Shai-Hulud cry.
May his passing cleanse the Internets
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This is the same guy as the creator of Atomic Rockets which is one of the best places online for a layman to understand how spaceflight and rocketry work both in the real world and in scifi. Basically, it allows you to figure out how hard your scifi is, either in reading or creation.

I love this guys work, and somehow had never stumbled on this part of his site before.

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