who isn't guilty of inciting subversion of state power
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A lesser-known signatory of Charter 08 is an artist and human rights activist named Wu Yuren. And, like this year's Nobel Peace Prize winner, he's now in prison. His wife, Karen Patterson, is a Canadian, from Calgary. And she believes his activism is why he's been detained by Chinese authorities for almost five months.
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Related: Why We Gave Liu Xiaobo a Nobel. A letter to the New York Times written by the chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee.
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What would the world look like if we all used the PRC's style of discourse?

"The People's Republic of China should sincerely engage in self-criticism to recognize its mistakes to move forward to the glorious future of peace, prosperity, and international cooperation. China should cease interfering in the internal affairs of Tibet and Taiwan in recognition of the principle of national sovereignty and should decolonize Uyghurstan and Mongolia out of respect for the liberation of all peoples in line with socialist principles. "

Also, fuck yeah, Norway.
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I'd prefer to wait hearing about all the nasty shit going on in China until I stop hearing more about all the nasty shit that has and is happening in the U.S.

I'll get back to you when that abates.
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