Like Geocities started painting.
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Petra Cortright (C.V. here) is an internet visual artist. Her site has links to her works, which seem to be inspired by the aesthetic of the early web. She works in video, web art, and still image.

Her Twitter
A profile of Petra at Build Your Own World
She is a member of the Nasty Nets surf club (previously mentioned here on the blue).
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partial credit.
posted by mexican at 7:15 PM on October 25, 2010

And suddenly every web developer in Romania is Andy Warhol.
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Is promoting a particular artist (posting her C.V. for God's sake) a Pepsi of a different color?
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Is promoting a particular artist (posting her C.V. for God's sake) a Pepsi of a different color?

The C.V. is the biographical info she provided on her page. Artists (photographers, musicians, and painters) get single topic posts here all of the time. It's even easier to link the work of this particular artist since her medium is the web.
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Sorry, I'm not meaning to call you out or anything, I think this often and I've no idea why I chose to post this comment in this particular post, maybe the CV thing...
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As a long time fan of Petra's (particularly video) I was excited to see this. Bonus that I can follow on twitter now.
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Definitely, DEFINITELY, too early for this. Wait ten years, she might find an audience.
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I kind of love this. OK, I really love it, I'm just a little ashamed.

Now I'll click the purple rainbow unicorn to post this comment.
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I'm not sure what's so PepsiBlue about the c.v. in particular -- it gives us context for the work, and doesn't do anything to "sell" the artist (what are we supposed to be buying, anyway? The work is right there).

I love her animated GIFs; they make me think about minor media that go by too quickly to be fully realized. Her website design itself is a little too cutesy for me, though -- like it was designed by someone who wasn't actually designing websites in 1995 (because oh, look, she was 9 years old). It mixes memes and makes inauthentic errors -- oh, wait, maybe that makes it more interesting.

Cool post, thanks. This is exactly the sort of thing that I'd slide right by if I found it on my own, and then not know I regretted later.
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We seem to have crashed her site?

Oh well. Thank You For Visitign!
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Web cam filters are art?
posted by OwlBoy at 1:43 PM on October 27, 2010

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