great photographs of dogs
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Dogs Gods, great portraits of dogs by British photographer, Tim Flach l Bourgeois Dogs by Torkil Gudnason l Mute: The Silence of Dogs in Cars by Martin Usborne, now at theprintspace, London.

More of Tim Flach's Dogs. And more.
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whew... had I not found that photo of a husky, I would have been disturbed by these photos...but... this saved this post for me and my pup!
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Were there really no pictures of dachshunds? (I did not gleefully say, "YAY WIENERS!" to the screen one time. And dachshunds aren't even really one of my favorite types of dogs - I just like screaming, "YAY WIENERS!" out my car window every single time I see one [or more] of them out and about - this apparently extends to being on my screen at home as well.)

I can't be the only one who takes the 30 seconds to chat up dogs in cars in parking lots. Especially goofy friendly dogs. So excellent.
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Also: A+ Neo Mastiff in the first link.
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Here's another one for you, HuronBob.
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thanks, jamaro... me and the husky smiled at that!
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Like most gods, this batch would obviously not survive without human caretakers.
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That skeleton-dyed Bedlington sure is seasonally appropriate.
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No cards then?
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In my opinion, you can't talk about dog photography without the Wegman weimaraners.

Wegman has his own site, but it takes some clicking around to get to the pups.
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