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Graham "Grickle" Annable, perpetrator of the previously popular "Space Wolf"* animation, celebrates Halloween with some spooky, kooky, ooky** toons: in '07 it was the zombie-themed "Last Duet on Earth", in '08 "Joy to the Weird", last year we were introduced to "Principal Skeleton" and this year "Performance" (Spoiler: HE'S BACK).

He also does spooky/kooky/ooky things for Christmas: "Twas the Night", "Santa's" and "Arctic Holiday".

And for any old time: "We Sing the Forest Electric" (thought I'd seen this here, but didn't come up on search), "Change of Scenery", "Channels", "Grand Finale" and "From Whence Before Times"

*disclaimer: I own the Space Wolf shirt, NOT the Three Wolf Moon.
**some will be more funny than others, some more scary, but all quite weird
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A Mefite sent me a Grickle Book, and I approved of that.

So I approve of this.

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A Mefite sent me a Grickle Book, and I approved of that

A Grickle book with a personalized inscription AND an original drawing on the flyleaf, thank you very much.
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Graham Annable should be declared a National Living Treasure, if such a thing exists in America. If it doesn't exist, well, it should. His animated work seems to spring from the same impulse that motivates Gahan Wilson, who is another potential National Living Treasure nominee.
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If I saw a couple of kids do something like "Performance" it would fill me with joy.

"I got ANTS in mah PANTS!!!"
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If you like this guy, you should check out Puzzle Agent. It's a total Professor Layton ripoff, but the writing is funnier. And Mr. Annable apparently designed all the characters and such for the game, which adds even more personality to it. If you're ever bored, it's worth a look.
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Hey, this is awesome. I completely missed this yesterday. Thanks for mentioning it in the Portrait-dex thread, oneswellfoop.
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