Funny defacements spotted in public places
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"A photo blog all about people ruining other people’s stuff cuz it’s funny."

Oh. Yay. 4chan is over there, actually.
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This is gonna go downhill from here....

......and so on....
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Yeah, at the risk of sounding like a pussy, I don't know about that "ruining other people's stuff" angle.

But pictures of ghetto stuff is cool.
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Completely worth it for this one.

Which I guess I would know if I kept with Meet the Lady.

God this Internet is a small place.

A small, small place getting smaller all the time.

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This would be awesome if they set the bar a bit higher. Geordi Washington was cute but tall men need not limbo for this.
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Need NSFW added.

Tons of bathroom humor and senseless vulgarity with the occasional gem such as the universe seen through a hole in a brick wall.
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Seen a lot of these on Hacked IRL.
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Yet another tumblr blog filled with images from elsewhere and in this case hotlinking images from flickr that are All Rights Reserved. Both add up to being very negative.
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My apologies - the hotlinking was not happening. It's just the blatant copying instead. That's actually worse.
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Every Monday through Friday, featuring a photo of me, taken about 5:30 PM.
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Since it's tumblr, I guess it's unlikely the site will get hacked & defaced.

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How many times do I gotta click 'next' before I get to the funny ones?
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Some of the defaced currency is funny (especially this Aladdin Sane-style Mexican banknote), and just one or two of the other things; the rest is crap that only a bored junior high student could love. I mean, really bored.
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Yeah, I'm anti-"other people's stuff"-defacing.

If you want to take something of yours and write, scribble, slash or otherwise deface it? I'm there.
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Full-disclosure: I am an admin on DEFACED (and of Meet The Lady, incidentally), and a bunch of the more recent images are photos I took. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that more people aren't as entertained by this stuff as I am. It fascinates me to see who decides to scrawl what, where. And the wide gulf that stretches between brainless (and even unintentional) humor and more clever/artistic stuff. And while I'm not all about defacing other people's stuff per se, I totally enjoy seeing the defacing of advertising. Some of them aren't funny at all, but I find them all pretty interesting.

Anyhow, guess it's not everyone's cup of tea.
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This animation was pretty mind-blowing. That's a -lot- of work. I kept bein' distracted by the work over clean brick: either a lot of that raw-brick charm is lost forever or else someone -else- now has a lot of work.
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There's a neat example of this, without crossing the line, that I passed on the way to work all this week.

There's a "XXXXXXX for Congress" yard sign on the side of the highway on-ramp and someone put a small sign in front of it which says "Politician for Hire."

I was tempted to snap a photo and post it somewhere, but while the politician is the one I oppose, I don't know that the accusation is any more accurate than it would be for almost every other politician in America anyway. So I just admire the commentary, the execution, the fact that it doesn't actually deface the original poster, just adds context, and I drive by without spreading the accusation.
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It could use some Facebook and Twitter share links at the end of each post.
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