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In the midst of so many bitter political campaigns this fall, the race for State Senate in Connecticut's 18th district is a bit different.
The race between Maynard and Norman may be unlike any other in the state. Rather than spend their time railing against each other, the two have decided to campaign together, embarking on what they're calling a "civility tour."

"After one of the first events of the campaign, Andy and I got talking in the hallway, and I talked about how a campaign of civility and respect would be good," said Norman, who lives in Griswold. "I said, 'Andy, you might have better name recognition than me and if the press catches on, it could help me more than you,' " he said, noting that the unlikely partnership could boost his lesser-known campaign.

"And [Maynard] said, 'I still want to do it,' " Norman said. "I wouldn't go as far as saying Andy and I have become good friends, but we respect each other."
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This is the rescued baby hummingbird of political battles.
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It'd be great if they appeared on the Rally To Restore Sanity stage together.
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Awww, how cute. I just want hug them both.
What's the over/under on the polls for these two? Be interesting to see the projections and the outcome, and what effect (if any) this had on the results.
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If only all races could be civil! NPR traced some of the pseudonymous "local citizens" groups advertising in political campaigns back to Washington, DC and in some cases to Karl Rove. Not much hope for civility if he is involved.
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Thanks, jpdoane. I needed that.
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This is great. Wouldn't it be nice if the elections didn't condition everyone to think whoever was elected was a crook and a liar?

(And before you make that predictable joke, no, not every politician is a crook and a liar.)
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See what good things happen when we all worship Aqua Buddha?
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Keith Ellison is neither a crook nor a liar.
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Actually speaking to each other, listening respectfully, and engaging in meaningful dialogue across party lines? These two will likely be arrested as terrorists out to destroy the American government.
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Wow, that's pretty cool. I hope one of them wins!
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Mr. Show did it.
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We had a candidate's forum at our last neighborhood association potluck. (Hilarity: probably more candidates there than neighbors.) And I was pleased to see that they were all reasonably friendly with one another, and I don't think any of the mini-speeches included anything about how terrible the other guy/gal was. There was a bit of touchiness that I could see between the two county commissioner candidates (say that 5 times fast!), but otherwise, civility all around! (Admittedly, we didn't have either our congressional candidates there, nor the Republican running for the state House of Representatives.) Something about being in a small up-close setting? I don't know.
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Where I live, everything, right down to the city council race, a job which is not even full-time and probably pays about like delivering pizza on an hourly basis, generally turns into a backbiting free-for-all where candidates' ability to support their families and/or sexual orientation is not-subtly questioned. No wonder people aren't voting.

Bravo, gentlemen.
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I suspect Mr. Norman is not a Teabagger?

This is awesome. I hope they show up to a certain rally this weekend.
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Actually, the Democratic candidate for Governor of CT is not a crook or a liar. He's been the mayor of my city for a long time and has done a great job and squeaky clean. The Republican candidate may not be, but is sort of reprehensible in other respects.

I also cannot read his url without thinking 'tomfoolery,' so thats enough to disqualify him by itself.
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The chances of ever returning to live in my birth state are absolutely nil. The affinity I feel for any person I know who lives there is simlarly small (maybe three or four of the people I knew in high school).

But every so often, Connecticut just does something damn cool like this, when it thinks no one's looking, and I just get all proud.
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Throughout the evening, the two men were exceedingly polite to one another, displaying conduct rarely associated with politics and government. It's an ongoing, open dialogue like theirs, both men said, that will be necessary for state officials working to solve Connecticut's budget problems.

How sensible and refreshing.

And how disturbing that we now view these two as the rare exception to the rule. No wonder legislatures can't get anything sane done.
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See what good things happen when we all worship Aqua Buddha?

During a rare moment of sane comity in the final windup to an election in which evidence and debate have been largely drowned out, this kind of lazy, lulzy, Nelson Muntz ha-ha-ing is Not That Great, Actually.
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Thank you Mr. Buzzkill!
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OK, so there's Puny Human #1, and there's Puny Human #2, but where is my good friend, the head of Richard Nixon?
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I honestly thought this was satire - an article from the Onion. Thank god it's real.

(My reaction either says a lot about the state of politics in America or the quality of the Onion. Or both.)
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