Swiss Family Robinson tree found
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Original Swiss Family Robinson Tree Found! Kevin, I stumbled upon your post of March this year "Some Really Big Roots" which mentioned the original Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse from the movie of 1960. I live on the island of Tobago in the Caribbean and did research on the tree and actually found it still very much alive in Goldsborough!
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Great news, and hope the tree's renewed visibility doesn't endanger it or its surrounding environment. "Swiss Family Robinson", book and movie, are still read and enjoyed.
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I didn't know it had been lost.
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cool. I always wanted to live there. and strange that this should hit the news so close to James MacArthur's passing.
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You mean it was right where we had left it this whole time!?
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I loved that movie immensely as a child, and, like everyone else, I wanted to run off and live on a strange island in a cool tree house. As an adult, I have restrained myself from making any effort to rewatch the movie for fear of destroying all my youthful hopes and dreams.
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I didn't know it had been lost.

It was lost in the woulds.
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GenjiandProust, a little reality doesn't have to spoil a good fantasy. James MacArthur — shown here in SFR (1960) and in a 2005 play he co-directed — carved a pretty decent career and life out of Fantasy Land.

Microwave some popcorn, close the curtains, turn out the lights, cue up the DVD on the old 42" LCD boob tube, and enjoy yourself.
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blaneyphoto, I am on vacation this week currently in northern Alabama knocking around and eventually on my way to Knoxville mid next week, and I just showed your link to my wife and it has now been decided, we are so going to see the Minister's Treehouse.

We're off to see the treehouse, the wunnerful treehouse of ... Crossville?
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There was a movie?

Swear to god I'm going to get or make myself a t-shirt that says NEVER BEEN HIP. Or maybe I'll just go with "no, but I read the book".
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Followup: I actually climbed the Minister's Treehouse linked by blaneyphoto today, and if you are ever in central Tennessee it is AWESOME.
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