He needs a dollar
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Aloe Blacc, previously of LA-based hip hop duo Emanon, pulls a Cee-Lo and reinvents himself as a soul singer.

Blacc's "I Need A Dollar" is the theme song of the HBO show How To Make It In America. He was recently interviewed on NPR.

Part 2 - in which Blacc covers the Bill Withers classic, Use Me. The videos are part of La Blogothèque's video podcast, Take Away Shows.
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Yay, one less MC! (Just kidding, I love rappers, mostly.) I had only ever heard the theme song from the show which I enjoyed more than the show itself. In watching the podcast, I'm thinking about all the reasons why a guy might go from rapping to soul singing. Given rap's chart dominance over soul, money or fame can't be one of them, which is odd to me as I think of modern rappers as aspirational. This video podcast, while great, makes him seem more retro than he is, I'm guessing. I watched a little of the Jamie Lidell one (for an old-school soul comparison) and he seems retro too, which he isn't really, being on Warp records and all. The Take Away Shows look terrific. Great resource, thanks!
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Actually, Aloe Blacc has made no secret of singing from his soul. Give a listen to "Busking" and "I'm Beautiful" from his 2006 debut album.
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Good post aloe blacc is badass.
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When I first heard "I Need a Dollar" while driving through north Jersey this spring, I could've sworn it was Bill Withers. He's good.
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At first the poorly-spaced fonts made me wonder if this was yet another overproduced video highlighting mediocre singing.

No – It was good. Definitely a less-produced version of Cee-Lo, but my head started bobbing and I started enjoying the video quite a bit! Thanks!
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Senior year of high school (2001), I listened to this song obsessively: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEcho07qItk
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I sort of liked the few Aloe Blacc from the few songs I'd heard of his before, but I really like these performances. At first I thought the format was sort of contrived, but the band and Aloe are really talented live performers.
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Slightly unrelated, but Cee Lo Green's new solo album, which is pretty damn good if I say so myself, is now streaming in its entirety on NPR's first listen.
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This was good, thanks.
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