The Ambling Alp was too, at least that's what I'm told...
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What do these things have in common? a) Yeasayer; b) boxing; c) Nazis

"finger on the steam" is a great new little music blog for anyone interested in great music, new and old, as well as all manner of musical tidbits.

The basic premise is something like this: "Hey man, I really love this song. You're my friend. I want you to hear this song. Oh, and while you're listening this is something I really think is cool about the story behind that lyric. Really? No, I hadn't heard that before. Sweet."

Bonus: Hump Day Hitlist. Every Wednesday a 5 song playlist, called the Hump Day Hitslist, to help get you through the despair of the middle of the week. There will still be a wealth of great music coming to you via the regular posts, but this feature is more of a quick dose of happiness to remind you of how beautiful everything is.
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What do these things have in common? a) Yeasayer; b) boxing; c) Nazis

In 2080 they'll surely be dead?
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In 2080 they'll surely be dead?

My guess was the opposite.
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Colour me confused.
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It's a post about a music bog. The boxing and Nazi links are noise -- don't bother clicking them unless you have never heard of boxing or Nazis -- they only matter in that the latest post on that music blog is "Yeasayer, boxing, and horse-riding Nazis", which analyzes the lyrics to the Yeasayer song "Ambling Alp":
The Yeasayer lyric is a clear tribute to Joe Louis' symbolic victory over a fascist opponent, but its historical references don't stop with Schmeling. [...]
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Color me dazed and confused.

Ha ha... ha ha... okay... -slinks out of thread-
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This is a pretty cool find! Thanks.
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