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Dominic Wilcox (previously) spent a month speed-creating - inventing something new every day for 30 days with the resources around him. Amongst his creations are lightbulb bread, a diary in the form of measuring tape, and a football that makes smoothies.
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War Bowl rules.
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It makes me wonder the age old question: If I forced myself to be creative every single day, how much would bread and lighting figure into it?

It's like a one-man Odyssey of the Mind challenge. Very cool.
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Creativity is one of the most important ways we can interact with the world. This is awesome.
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Stoner meets motivation: Dude! We could have lights covered in bread!
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I highly recommend trying something like this yourself, perhaps by participating in the thing-a-day challenge in February. (Hey, it's only 28 days-- much easier than 30!) I've done thing-a-day for a few years and it's not only been wacky fun but it's led to some real breakthroughs for my art career.

Also, Dominic Wilcox is a geeeeenyus.
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I love the different experiments he's done with bread. The vases were really lovely.
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One of the better something-a-days. Good fun!
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I was hoping he used the heat from the bulb to bake the bread.
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