Not Only... But Also
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Not Only... But Also, the 1960s Peter Cook and Dudley Moore sketch show, was one of the many programmes where many of the episodes were lost due to the BBC's strangely appalling archival policies. Last month, however, audio recordings of 11 of the lost episodes were found at the home of NOBA fan Graham Webb, who had recorded them off the TV at the time of transmission, using a reel-to-reel tape recorder.

A couple of the recovered sketches can be heard in the collected news reports in the mp3 player at the bottom of this post.
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Direct link to the Soundcloud audio. It's marked as private, I presume so Wiped News can retain control of embedding the clip, but you can play it back and link to the track, once you know where it is.
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Copyright violators at least have the merit of preservation.
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I grew up listening to the LP recording of Beyond the Fringe. Very formative.
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To a certain subset of the American populace, Peter Cook is best known as the impressive clergyman whose speech impediment (Mawidge!) is played for laughs in The Princess Bride
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If I ran heaven or this life or anywhere in between, there would be a special place in the kingdom for these people who have saved so much culture simply by being obsessives with a tape recorder who wanted to control their media long before their were words for it like time-shifting.

There are reasons obvious to anyone who knows me why I hold them in such high regard. But I also do because I understand the impulse. I did this with an old tape recorder long after it was technologically necessary because my family didn't own a VCR and even after we did, it wasn't something I could use. So sitting in front of the TV, I can remember being asked why I was recording shows that we were already watching without the pictures. And I hope I answered "why not?" but I'm sure I did not. Probably because I didn't know.

But it seems obvious now. Who doesn't want to be in control of when you laugh? If it was funny then, and would be funny later, why not let yourself get to decide when you get to laugh.

At first. Eventually my dad couldn't figure out how to record UHF channels on the thing (it involved fine tuning a station to a pre-set location using a tiny screwdriver) and Star Trek: The Next Generation was at the same time as the football games he was coaching, his life long interest in Star Trek outweighed his pride at being technologically-bested by his offspring

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Hmm. Only audio recordings, you say? Looks like an excellent use for the Cookbot and Robo-Dudley.
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Performing the closing song on Ready Steady Go
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I've just finished work and I'm too lazy to look up the article right now, but one of the stateside equivalents of these obsessive audiotapers had the privilege of presenting to Don Pardo of SNL fame an off-air recording he had made of Pardo breaking into NBC programming with the news that shots had been fired at President Kennedy in Dallas. This is a piece of history that would not have existed without the taper in question, and I understand Mr. Pardo was most grateful.
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This seems to be that recording.
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Don Pardo of SNL fame

And of Jeopardy Fame. Seen here.

But Cook and Dud, well - much to look forward to here, and many thanks.
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Lovely! I wasn't aware of Wiped... but after stumbling around for quite a while, I still don't understand how or where they'll be made available so I can listen to 'em.

Beyond the Fringe was formative for me, too, Kalessin. I had both BTF and BTF '64 completely committed to memory at one time, ready to pop out at a moment's notice in any given drunken haze... I can still do a creditable job on Bollard and So You Want to Know About the War...
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Did they find all the missing Dad's Army episodes? Anyone wanna save me some Googling.
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