A Little Boost
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"I don't know what I was thinking. I guess Liz's tenacity [at attempting to climb the tree] bought enough time to chase the thought 'what can this metal thing do if it's pointed up instead of down?' to its logical conclusion." At the end of election season, sanity and compassion are restored as an amputee uses his prosthetic to give a tree-climbing kid a little boost.
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osteosarcoma sucks, that's what took Terry Fox's leg and ultimately his life. Anyway, good on this guy.

Also, I am going to start yelling "Your leg is not a tool!!" at my kids now.
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This is all kinds of awesome!
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Why do I always cry when crowds cheer at this sort of stuff? I guess, she says pessimistically, because I'm so used to hearing about people doing awful things. Maybe it is the shock of someone doing a randomly nice thing and then being cheered by complete strangers.

Thanks for a lovely warm fuzzy start to my day, ocherdraco.

And how amazing is the internet? Someone emails a site to say "I saw this", the email is published, another reader emails to say "Hey, I'm FB friends with that guy and can put you in touch", and then we get the leg-owner's perspective. Way cool.
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If you're squinting at the video in the original post above, the TMP page was updated with a closer view of the assist.
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Oh now I see. Excellent. So ... how'd she get down?
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how'd she get down?

With some funky grooves like the rest of the crowd.
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how'd she get down?

Via a generous goose?
(the avian kind, you pervs!)
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I get by with a little help from my friends.
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