Take off your pants and watch cartoons
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Your Daily Cartoon

Our very own louche mustachio has pledged to post "a piece of animation every damn day, and will do so until the world runs out and there is no more."
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Cartoon animals with no pants is a well-known trope.

Having said that, I'll admit that I'm not wearing any pants now.
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But are you wearing trousers?

in re the FPP: I applaud this effort!
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The Factory: "It's been re-edited so that certain ackward parts are less so."

OK, we'll check the pop-ups next week.
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What is it about cartoons that turns otherwise open-minded creative types into niggling finger-waggers, obsessing about who is and who is not wearing pants? Is the function of these commercial cartoon characters to create outlandish situations that allow children to role-play disapproval and judgement, sort of the way they might play "house" or "army" in rehearsal of adulthood? (Good blog.)
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The great thing about louche moustachio's constant wonderful comments on metafilter is that it makes me remember she's also got that fantastic blog, and then I periodically remember to check it out. I'm glad you posted this!
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louche mousatchio is a she? is it sort of a mustachioed lady type sitch? Cuz that's, frankly, pretty hot.
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This is cool.
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...Why yes. Yes! Yes, I'll marry you.
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Aww. I was expecting an original piece of animation each day, along the lines of doodie.com but less scatalogical.

Actually, with the FPP title, I was expecting something very much like doodie.com.
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I've been really busy yesterday and today (tiny metal octopi don't make themselves) but I wanted to say thank you. This has been and continues to be a really incredible project. I've always loved animation, but the impetus of daily presentation has forced me to go further afield than I ever would have done on my own, and as a result I've seen incredible work that I would have missed completely, because I would not have sought it otherwise.

Infinitewindow - As interesting as that might be, it would be really difficult. I have posted one original piece to the blog, and felt a little awkward doing so, since I'm not very experienced. To give you some perspective; not counting character construction, planning and editing, shooting the animation alone took over 30 hours. I can make shorter, quicker pieces, and making something every day would be excellent practice, but most of it would be, if not downright unwatchable, pretty sad looking.

Plus, I have a job and a life, and as tempting as it is to crawl all the way into my head and exist in the zone all the time, I occasionally need to attend to those things.
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