It is a point click adventure game that leads a Werewolf.
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Werewolf Werewolf2 Werewolf3 Werewolf4 Werewolf5

Here are some silly point-and-click adventure minigames from Japan to entertain you today. Once you reach the end of the Werewolf saga, there are dozens more in the left-hand menu, including Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast and Naked King.
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Badger badger badger badger badger...
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There wolf. And there. And there...
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Where Wolf? There, Wolf! There, Castle... etc..
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Key. It is key.

I'm not sure if that's a grammatical failing or an important hint.
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Pfff these are simple baby games.

By which I mean I'm stuck on #3.
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Ok, I enjoyed those much, much more than I thought I would (or, perhaps, should have).

Let's click or drag the anxious place on the game screen!
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Look for some screws. You'll need to try several variations (at least I did).
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is that pedobear in game 3?
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Fire-breathing dragon = cutest, hardest part of game(s) so far.

"Manhole: It is a plastron and a little heavy disk."
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Whoa, game 5: it just complex. To the point where I'm not sure what's going on.
"It is several years ago. It is a bad harvest and there is no food. The villager was embarrassed. Bait doesn't suffice even for the parent and child of the wolf in the forest. Mother's wolf went down to the village to have my child eat bait. Food was found. It has eaten food hungry. For child's wolf. When it acquires and it returns.

It was found by the villager. Because the food that villagers had put importantly had disappeared, mother's wolf was captured. The wolf hunting started after a while soon.

Child's wolf went from the forest to the village as mother's wolf was worried. The wolf having been discovered by the villager had weakened because of hungry. Villagers are speaking of the wolf. When alive. It can eat the food of the village. The girl said to the adult in the village. Please help the wolf. Adults said.

Child's wolf doesn't obtain food by own power. It is likely to die sooner or later. It says so. Villagers left. The girl was relieved. The wolf of the surviving child returned to the forest.
The girl chased the wolf and went to the forest. My food was divided into the child wolf of hungry and it gave it. After that, years of the extent counted by one hand passed."
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By which I mean I'm stuck on #3.

Lemme guess...You have the tongs and the smoke that the panda farted out and now you can't do anything?
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Never mind. Got it figured out.
These are nicely whimsical.
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I got my partner into Point'n'Clicks via Minoto. Now she's hooked on TellTale's Sam and Max. Soon I shall teach her...the Grim Fandango! MWAhahahahahaaaaa....koff
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So there's a bad harvest, and the mother wolf heads into the village and ends up captured. Wolf hunting starts up. The child wolf heads to the village, and some kind-hearted girl wants to help it out, but the villagers are all "if it can't catch food on its own, it's pretty doomed any way to cut it". The child wolf goes back into the forest, and the girl goes after it--to take care of it, maybe. A handful of years pass.

...Or something like that.
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These were a cute 15 minutes
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