We boldly go where no dentist has gone before
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Denis Bourguignon is a dentist in Florida. He is best known to the world for his role in the 1999 documentary film Trekkies where he showcased his dental practice being filled with Star Trek memorabilia.

Although he's apparently moved on, his original practice continues.

Dental work and Star Trek seem to go hand in hand.
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do what you love and you'll never work another day in your life.
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My pediatric dentist was a collector of Disney feature animation cells. I enjoyed the art, but was still a holy terror when it was my turn in the chair.
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I was working at a movie theater when Trekkies came out. I think exactly two people came to it (matinee of course). I love the movie though. (still have the original one-sheet poster)
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By some incredible cosmic coincidence I watched Trekkies last night! What I really want to know is what became of the "Spiner Femme".
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Sadly (or thankfully) our local Trek-oriented punk band packed it in about the same time they were featured in Trekkies 2. They played a few shows after the local "premiere", riding the wave a bit, but largely packed it in after that. For a short while (like, I think, one show) this town had now less than -four- Star Trek bands, but two were spinoffs of the original band (No Kill I begat No Kill I: TNG and No Kill I: DS9) and a band, still kicking who was allegedly created after a public-access group fell in love with the idea of the NKI until they saw the band live and mentally calculated what they'd do to their brand-new facilities and decided to do it themselves instead.

Man, I miss me some NKI. Hard-Drinkin' Abe Lincoln (you know, from that one episode) used to tell highly offensive jokes during the set breaks, they had both Yeoman -and- She-Man Rand (in drag, natch), as well as Kirk, Spock, a Gorn or Mgatu, depending on the evening, and a penchant for alcoholic and venue abuse. Good times.
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