Dude, Yer Robots R Crap 4Ever!!
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Kill Your Co-Workers, by Flying Lotus.

Build your own via Beeple.

From the site:

"These files are available under a sort of "open source" concept. They are intended for educational use but really can be used for whatever the fuck you want. You don't need to credit me for whatever commercial or non-commercial use you make of them, but if you could shout me a holla with any project that do come from them, I'd love to see it :)"
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inline vimeo? nice one pb
posted by jcruelty at 5:19 PM on November 6, 2010

PONY DREAMS RULE! And so does the rhythm track on this video
posted by Hardcore Poser at 5:54 PM on November 6, 2010

I suppose this technoputerized hippie punching is your idea of fun.
Cause I sure liked it.
posted by anigbrowl at 6:30 PM on November 6, 2010

This is insane!
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I liked their other video better. (Possibly NSFW if you're working for the MAN or something, but it's the weekend let your hair down)
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That was...kind of awesome. Thanks!
posted by emjaybee at 8:17 PM on November 6, 2010

I wish I had more time right now to adequately express the inner Beavis and Butthead voices I had while watching that. Parades suck, wait, this is the coolest video ever!
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This was actually a test shot for some unused F/X in The Lawnmower Man. You can find it as an Easter egg in a discontinued DVD.
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if it wasn't for the video i wouldn't give that song the time of day
posted by Cpt. The Mango at 12:32 AM on November 7, 2010

That's funny, because if it weren't for the song I wouldn't have clicked on that video. But I liked it!
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