Fighting crime is surely not far behind
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Once, there was a boy named Yves. He lived in the mountainous country of Switzerland, and he dreamed of flying. He loved the idea of being free to soar through the air so much that he became a pilot. Later, he went on to fly bigger planes. Perhaps he's even been your pilot. But being a pilot was never quite enough. Yves still dreamed of soaring through the air, like a bird. And now, he does. Meet Jetman. Previously
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I wonder what the G-forces are like when the engines kick in, or when he's looping, etc. Doesn't seem like he has any neck support, and with a (heavy?) helmet, there must be a lot of force on his neck ...
posted by woodblock100 at 1:14 AM on November 7, 2010

I was kind of hoping that Jetman's full name was Yves L. Knievel, which I'm totally calling as the name for my new sockpuppet account.
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holy crap! last time i saw videos of this guy, he just barely attained horizontal flight. now he's doing loops!

... and im still here watching internet videos :/
posted by Mach5 at 5:02 AM on November 7, 2010

I was so proud of myself for the gigantic accomplishment of remembering to buy leaf bags. Now I'm sad.
posted by dzaz at 5:09 AM on November 7, 2010

Man. I hope one day I can get up the nerve to jump out of an airplane.
posted by thesmophoron at 5:14 AM on November 7, 2010

Wow. I liked the close-up of his cojones towards the end of the video. They're obviously a very necessary ingredient.
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