Wooorms innnn spaaaaace
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Remember Worms? Well, Funky Pear (the guys who made playing golf in space fun) has another version of that, but the worms are replaced with guys in space suits, and the landscape is now a small planetary system. Use gravity to sling your rockets around planets, and build up the damage multiplier. Play Gravitee Wars. Warning: addictive.

Controls: arrows will move your current space guy around the planet, and WASD will zoom the map in and out. You cannot jump planets by yourself.
Tip: if you can, go for a shot that will knock the other guy off and into space - this is usually better than whittling down his hit points. Also, when a guy dies, he blows up and can damage others next to him.
Later levels add sniper rifles, tunneling rockets, shields, and land mines.
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Maybe I dozed off during the looooong instructions, but my missile isn't exploding. It's just flying around and around and around and around.
posted by DU at 5:07 AM on November 12, 2010

DU: "Maybe I dozed off during the looooong instructions, but my missile isn't exploding. It's just flying around and around and around and around."

I think you may have achieved a stable orbit. Well done.
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No, it's flying through the planets. Reading the instructions again, I think that's a bug.
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Oh my god I hate you so much Old'n'Busted
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I'm all about nuking early and often.
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DU: I haven't seen that, but I'm having weird glitches with the meteor storm getting them to work.

Also, I managed to mis-represent the WASD keys: they scroll the map, not zoom.
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never heard of it , but thanks for letting us know
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Well, there went my morning. Worms used to be my game, man. Thanks for the flashback.

This doesn't quite achieve the unpredictable mayhem of Worms, but it's close. This kind of game really isn't fair to play against the computer. It's just hard to program in a sufficient level of evil genius. If we ever do manage to make computers that think in terms of nuking the two guys on one side of the planet, so the third guy on the other side of the planet dies of radiation, so he explodes and kicks a landmine into a fourth guy, it's probably time to pull the plug.
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Gravity wars, you say?

We had turn-based artillery games before you were old enough to even think of getting on our lawn, you know.
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Make it through all on gold and you get unlimited ammo.

Forget the nukes - Meteor Strike a hole through the planet and blow 'em into the Sun...
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The function of the WASD keys changes. If you click on the little dude during your turn, you can make him walk around.
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Who's old enough here to remember the groundbreaking, now ancient 8-bit EA title 'Worms?'
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Reminds me of a game I had a while ago called Warheads.

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I like this because it reminds me of playing Worms.
I like Worms because it reminds me or playing Scorched Earth.
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No mention of Worms is complete without also mentioning Liero. It's like Worms, but in real-time, and with a lot more blood.
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I would link to a good Scorched Earth emulator for all you wankers but there isn't a java applet on the entire internet capable of running it in its original glory. You'll have to get it yourself.
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That was my first thought too, Newdaddy. *old*
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This brings back fond memories of all the hours spent playing network Worms in college. Many thanks.
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That was a good one. Thanks!
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This reminded me of hours and hours spent playing Gorillas with some of my friends. Yeah, the one written in QBasic.

I'm only 26, but I suddenly feel so freaking old.
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