Old Fangs
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Old Fangs - a lovely but sad cartoon about a young wolf confronting his father, whom he has not seen since childhood.

The blog of the filmmaker, Adrien Merigeanu, has some development pictures and an earlier film, le carnet de chloe, which appears to use some of the same characters (I am sadly ignorant of French so I cannot say more). There is also a video on the making of "Old Fangs", which is mostly about how the voice acting was done.

Cartoon Saloon, the Irish studio that produced "Old Fangs", is also responsible for "The Secret of Kells" animated feature, and another short animated film based on an Inuit folktale, From Darkness (warning: brief animated nudity).
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There sure are a lot of troubled animated canines on Metafilter today. Neat.
posted by WalterMitty at 9:00 AM on November 13, 2010

The canines are trying to take back Caturday
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Eponysterical. Nice find; sets off my overcast Northwest Saturday perfectly.
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I had some quiet but important thoughts about forgiveness while I watched this. Thank you for it.
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What Countess Elena said. Wow.
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Truly beautiful. In many another film the pacing would seem too slow but it's just perfect here, packs so much into 11 minutes. Congratulations to everyone who worked on it.
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This hits a bit close to home with me. I have a similar relationship with my dad. I've always thought about making contact with him again, but that's probably a future askMe question.

I feel like they've animated my neurosis.
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This was really nice, thanks.
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