7 UP Un-Deer Commercials from 1970s
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Lord of the Universe Do you remember the 7 UP Un-Deer commercials from the 1970s? This website has found audio recordings. "You just think I am sitting here cooling off my hoofies ..... wrong-o". I loved those commercials.
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Website is unusable due to the wall of noise launched on page load.
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Worked fine for me.
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my spidey sense is tingling

That said, I do not remember those commercials, but it could have been a year I was overseas and all the commercials I watched were in Korean.
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Don't remember those spots. Maybe they were a regional thing.
I definitely remember The Pop Shoppe though. Happy times.
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also don't remember those commercials, but remember lots of other 7 up commercials as they advertised daily back in those days, remember the solgan, " nothing does it like 7 up, 7 up".
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I don't remember the commercials, but any excuse to hear Paul Frees is OK with me.
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In Chrome, all of the sound files load and play at once, resulting in aural madness/Sparta.
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I don't remember the commercials, but I vaguely remember the deer. Probably something to do with the fact that my mother bought a lot of 7up in those days.
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