Build it, and they will float
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Hannu builds boats. Not a really unusual thing (though getting rarer as time goes on). However, he concentrates on small, simple, easy to build boats with as little material as possible. Some, like a 18' canoe built from one piece of plywood, are simply amazing.
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Thanks. Halfpea on the water is almost the cutest thing I've ever seen.
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Discussed previously here
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yeah, not to piss on this post, since boatbuilding is cool and all, and ought to be promoted I think, but why is Hannu any different from a large number of people doing the single sheet of ply thing? He's far from unique in this field.

Anyway, this is basically a double.
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This guy's site is really great. Thank you.
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Sorry about the double...the URL didn't auto-fail and I didn't notice the same.
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Considering every single link in the previous post is 404, it seems a little churlish to complain about this one, no?
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wilful: I'd say this guy is different, both in the quality of the finished product, but the attention to detail he gives for displacement calculations, potential speed, etc. as well as the simplicity of his instructions and free downloadable plans. I haven't seen any better.
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This is a great example of comprehensive lone expert website syndrome, as discussed here.

I love it.
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GeckoDundee, that's not the protocol for doubles. But I'm really not complaining.
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I made that previous post, and didn't realize all the links had gone dead. Thanks for re-upping these links. Hannu is cool.
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The coracle was my favorite, scroll down to the black and white picture.

Also read his disclaimer at the bottom of the main page.
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Just have a chunk of space set aside for years and years, once you start a boat project it's tough to abort, but if you're like most of humanity (yea me as a sad pathetic example :) step 3 will get almost finished and just sit there 4 by 8 feet waiting and waiting.... But a boat project in the basement is really much better than dozens of boxes of stuff.
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My dad has a few plywood kayaks and a gorgeous strip-built canoe. The work and time involved in even small boat building is unreal.
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I would love to build one, just for fun, but honestly I'd never use it and wouldn't know what to do with a large boat once I had it built.
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My brother and I are about half-way through a Bolger Teal build. It's technically 2 sheets of ply, so considerably bigger than Hannu's average project, but still really tiny. These make me feel a little better about how small ours is going to be :^)
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I really want to retire.
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You take this website and add this inspiration and you have the recipe for one heck of an adventure. Can you imagine sailing across the Atlantic on a a 13.5 foot family cruising sailboat? And you could build it yourself? Man, how am I supposed to get any more work done today?
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I liked Halfpea the best: Is there any point in building something as useless as a 4 ft dinghy? Yes, of course there is! Someone has to do the stupid things in the world. By doing something really stupid one pushes the whole stupidity-sensibility scale up a bit. After this building project, things that seemed stupid yesterday, may seem sensible tomorrow, compared to this :-)

When I was a kid, my dad built a Folbot in our garage. I sailed & kayaked in that boat for 20 years before it finally got a gash in its skin. Homebuilt boats rule.
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