Inspiring Photos of architecture, people and art from Istanbul and Turkey
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Istanbul Photos If you love Istanbul like I do, and can't visit often enough, this is a fine place to get a virtual glimpse of all of it.
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Thanks! We were in Istanbul in October and already wishing we could go back for another visit. I'm enjoying looking through the Istanbul albums.
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"You ever been to 'Stambul?"
"Couple days, once."
"Never changes" she said. "Bad old town."

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Not Constantinople?
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Thanks, I'll be flying there on the 25th, can't wait to see it all again in the real...
(i just hope the weather will hold)
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Gorgeous archive of photos, makes me want to visit there and shoot some stock!
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Good timing! I'm reading The Museum of Innocence and it's awesome to have some visuals to go with Pamuk's descriptions of Istanbul. Thanks!
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I am going to Istanbul.


This made me even more excited.
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Wow. It's been almost 15 years since I visited, and these took me right back. I was surprised how taken I was with Turkey, both in Istanbul and in much more rural areas. I've urged countless other people to include it in their travels and never heard a bad word back. Thanks for reviving some great memories.
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Istanbul Eats if you are looking for some yemekler.
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