Uncertain Futures
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Uncertain Futures: Americans and Science Fiction in the Early Cold War Era [via Futurismic]
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This brings back memories, my father had tons of 50's SF which he'd take to our local barber and trade for mystery paperbacks. As I grew into comprehension of his treasure it was all I could do to halt the steady loss of books, A.E. van Vogt, Jack Vance, James Blish, gads, countless others.

I still have some, and of course his interest in general set me off on a life long love of SF, but man the books that passed through our house.
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This brings back memories for me, too, since the Early Cold War Era is when I learned to love SF—I have a complete run of F&SF up through 1968 (when I went off to college), and I immediately recognized the cover they use for their poster (with the robot and the pile of F&SFs). And hey, I can visit the exhibit!
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E. E. "Doc" Smith. Nostalgia-rush. ::sigh::
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I have a complete run of F&SF up through 1968 [...]

<turns green> I haven't even managed to get all the "best of" collections.

Thanks for the link, brundlefly.
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