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Timbuk2 is a webshop which lets you build your own messenger bags online. Customatix does the same for sneakers (and I believe Nike does too). What other products are available for customization (and purchase) online in the same manner?
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Custom cereal
posted by NortonDC at 3:33 PM on August 30, 2001

Will my custom made stuff still be made in sweat shops by underage girls?
posted by Postroad at 3:39 PM on August 30, 2001

Hoping for sweaty underaged girls, Postroad?

Didn't Nike have some minor hullabaloo about someone ordering custom sneakers with the word "SWEATSHOP" embroidered into them?
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i think there is a big difference between being able to add your own graphic or words to a product like the customatix shoes, and being able to pick what colors your bag is going to be...that is a handy gimmick for features though, because when shopping for bags by looks you can't say, "Gee, that extra inner pocket will cost me 15 bucks, i love my pens, i can do that"

i'm a bag addict. But i want real custom features.

i think nike started letting people customize their shoes 'cause they were getting into trouble trying it on their own with the Incubus and almost-Allah shoes they made.
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Wow, I actually get to self-link. Don't hurt me.

I have a little app that lets you choose scents to have your own incense blend made & sent to your door. You can even name it and choose your own label.

There are a lot more customized products coming down the pipeline, because I love that aspect of the internet, and I'm trying to reflect it in my own store.
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i knew someone who got one of these before they started selling online, the bag came with a certificate complete with the name and place of origin of the person who made the bag. her name was patricia something...... i forget, but this person who got the bag was so excited at the time, he was like, 'look at my new bag, it's made by patricia blahblah from blahblahblah, pennsylvania.'
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there was once a site called, www.getcustom.com. where you could configure anthing from scarves, bikes, and even "exotic meats". the site is no longer around.
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The many of the Timbuk2 bags still are stitched by the owner. They are solid bags, look at the bike messengers, as in DC many of them use Timbuk2.
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Of course there is always cafepress which I used to buy a few things for friends when I put the new logo on my web site... they've also got the new messenger bag which I haven't ordered though.
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And the Cafe Press messenger bag is available in any color you like! (as long as it's yellow)
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Cafepress rocks. It's a nearly Amazon class website in my books in terms of ease of use for it's purpose. I'd love to peer inside the inner workings of their fulfillment center to see how automated they have made their print shop. I can't imagine that there is much to be made on onesy-twosy orders if it isn't streamlined to within an inch of it's life. Granted, you can always mark up the hell out of shipping.
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I've ordered shoes from Customatix and a bag from Timbuk2, and I highly recommend both!
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When you e-mail someone a shoe, it comes back with a little red message: The shoe has been sent. I'm not sure why, but I found this slightly chilling.

Oh, never mind.
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On Customatix, that is.
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There has to be a way I can get my hands on some Nike Sweatshop (tm) sneakers.

Stupid! Shoes go on feet! I'm stupid!
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The shoe has been sent.

I think I've found another tagline for my site...
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(re: link description)
"webshop"? when did that sneak into the vocab?
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All of my friends are getting incense labelled "Paul's Ass" for Christmas. It probably doesn't smell anything like my ass, but it's the thought that counts.
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There's also reflect.com, which allows customers to customize makeup and fragrances. But trying to determine which scent is right for you by picking which sunset moves you the deepest,--I'm a little skeptical about.
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Oh man. I can't WAIT for Christmas!

Reflect.com - that was the site I was trying to remember! I haven't yet purchased any of their products - I love the idea behind it, but I tried testing the app several times, and it seems like the choices don't vary a whole lot, regardless of what you put in.

So I admit I'm a bit mistrustful of "intuitive" apps like that - I'd rather be given my options outright and know what I'm selecting - seems to be more 'custom' that way at any rate. Considering I'm choosing it and all, instead of having an app choose for me.
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Electromark lets you design your own ANSI sign, which you can buy singly or in bulk. You don't have to have them make it, either; you can just use the proof generated online (in a PDF) to print a one-off sign for personal use. Thusly:

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Sure I'm a little late here but . . . You can get your own custom action figure if you want.
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