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It gets better - Lucy Knisley's webcomic contribution to the It Gets Better project (previously)
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Powerful. Thanks for linking to this, Artw.
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Lucy Knisley is great. Despite being in Chicago, I consider her to be fairly closely associated with the Portland-based Periscope Studio bunch, especially through Erika Moen (NSFW), who wrote the now-completed DAR: A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary, (mostly NSFW) which is all about her experience as being a self-identified queer woman who winds up falling in love with a man. They collaborated on the comic Drawn to You.

Lucy's video version of the comic is available here. It is basically just the comic with narration. I'm also a huge fan of Lucy's livejournal, which keeps me up to date with her work (the plot of Harry Potter books, drawn in one page per book? Awesome!) and the awesomeness that is Lucy.

None of this is to take away from Lucy's great work, but merely to expand on it.

(Note: never met Lucy or Erika, just a fan of the two).
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I saw this earlier, and really liked it. Her style reminds me of Bechdel's (but more colorful/expressive.)
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Oooh, love Erika Moen, flibbertigibbet. Still so sad that DAR is over.
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Not to derail, but: Best. Halloween. Costumes. EVAR.
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It's all Lucy Knisley's fault that I sometimes harass my cat just like this. (I love how she draws her cat.)
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What about all the people who were miserable in high-school, and are still miserable now? Where are their videos?
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Reasonably, omitted from a campaign intended to encourage.
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What about all the people who were miserable in high-school, and are still miserable now? Where are their videos?

Note: "it gets better" isn't "it gets perfect."
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Lucy Knisley is one of my favourite comic authors these days. I'm a big fan of how nimbly she uses the visual language for expressing metaphorical ideas. Her drawing style (concise, a bit more stylised than Clowes or Tomine) is pretty awesome too.
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As a fan of women's autobiographical comics, I've been watching Lucy Knisley as an up-and-comer for quite a while. Thanks for the attention, Artw.
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Wow, I can't believe that Lucy Knisley stole my cat!

Here's proof.
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I've always been of the opinion that people who go around saying that high school or adolescence or whatever is the 'best years of your/their life', are just people who've had spectacularly shitty lives overall. HIGH SCHOOL is the best time of your life? Are you fucking KIDDING me? Your entire body goes insane. Every person you know changes into someone different. The majority of your peers will ostracize you mercilessly for the slightest difference. It's lord of the goddamn FLIES, every single day.

On the other hand, being an adult is AWESOME. You get to set your own life, pursue your own goals, choose your own path, and if someone is a dick, you can generally tell them to go fuck themselves. It really does get better, kids, because high school is total garbage.
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FatherDagon, you hit the nail on the head for me. All throughout my childhood, you know what I wanted to be more than anything else?


And now, I am. I get to do all the grown-up things PLUS I can still play video games, lounge around in shorts, tell dumb jokes, and pretty much all the kid stuff. Being a grown-up rules. Why would childhood be better? No responsibilities? Yeah, that also means NO STUFF/POWER.
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...this is the reason I LOVE working with middle school kids. My G*d, I hated middle school and especially those "You think you have troubles now? These are the best years of your life!" teachers who just had no idea the social nightmare that was ages 12-15.
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I'll out myself as an occasional mefi lurker. While everyone at Periscope Studio is a big Lucy Knisley fan, she's not affiliated with us. She has her own great studio: The Burrow.
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I was shocked when I found out how old she was, her outlook on life is so mature and considered.

Her comics make me feel warm and fuzzy and I love them so much that I want to have her babies.

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Steve Lieber: I was thinking more in my ex-art-history student way, where I'm lumping cartoonists and artists together both by (a) social connection (Moen-Knisley) and (b) art styles and general artistic concerns, where I am herein prioritizing "concerns" over "style" as Periscope Studios is so wonderfully eclectic.

Knisley is officially associated with The Burrow Studio in Chicago.
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