Lost In The Garden of the World
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Lost In The Garden of the World is a documentary shot at the 1975 Cannes film festival. It contains interviews with Paul Bartel, Tobe Hooper, Steven Spielberg, Werner Herzog, Martin Scorsese and Dustin Hoffman.
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"Part 1: Paul Bartel talks Death Race 2000 and why the car is the perfect thing for an American death sport. Tobe Hooper talks Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and pulling thorns from his actresses’ breasts."
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The Herzog interview here is classic. Included is a clip from "Even Dwarves Started Small", which is wonderfully nightmarish.
Thanks for posting this.
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Yeah, the US directors are very interesting to see so young and unguarded (even nakedly enthusiastic), but Herzog comes in and just completely blows them all away. It's like seeing priests interviewed, followed by a few words with God.

Intrusive producers, boats floating away, working with child actors... these really aren't problems at all compared to getting a shot with 50-60 armed soldiers watching you, knowing they have forbidden you to film there and they're basically doing it because you've threatened to kill the first one who tries to stop you.

I also enjoyed Dustin Hoffman's rather sweet and funny interview at the end. Thanks a lot for this!
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